Who are we?

Resin Research was founded by Greg Loehr nearly 40 years ago. Who is Greg Loehr? Greg moved to Cocoa Beach, FL when he was 13 and was quickly drawn to surfing. Greg started surfing professionally and won several tournaments. Over the early years his surfing passion led him to shaping and laminating boards. His passion of the evolution of the sport continued to fuel him. He became a self-taught mad scientist shaping new designs a creating better epoxy solutions.

More on Greg here: https://www.surfline.com/surf-news/greg-loehr/89855

The initial epoxy solutions were developed for hand layup applications on surf boards, water, UV, salt, and whatever other elements can be thrown at the boards. Today, the products have evolved into many other areas such as snow boards, marine, construction, tabletops, flooring, infusion, fishing gear, medical, and automotive.

Greg has always had a passion for safety. He wants his product to be safe for the consumer and the environment. If you google his name, you will most likely find hundreds of heated discussions led by Greg pushing people from PU to EPS and polyester to epoxy. He understands the chemicals, personal and environmental risks associated with using different chemicals in this industry.

Today Greg is semi-retired, focuses on customer technical challenges and formulating new recipes upon request. His new mission statement is to find >40% bio content systems, which performs just as well as the non-bio alternative. We continue to be a small family run business as Greg’s daughter Madalyn Jira takes over the day-to-day responsibilities of leading the company.


What makes us different than our competition?

Being a small family run business, when you call or email our company, you are speaking directly to the folks that can make decisions. There is no delay, no “let me ask my manager”, no weekends off. If you email or call on a weekend, you will get a response. When you have a technical issue, we have resources with over 70 years of combined experience that has most likely seen it all. If you have a special request for a dream system such as, a bit quicker or a bit slower…. lower viscosity or higher viscosity, we work with you to develop your dream system that works for you. Why should you settle for an off the shelf systems which only sort of works.

Today we have 3 factories we operate out of: Indian Harbour Beach, FL / Tucson, AZ / Birmingham, UK

Urgency… When you call panicked that you are out of product, we do everything in our ability to get you product in a timely manner. Why can we not ship it the same day you might ask? We keep very little inventory in finished goods (we stock raw material inventory) because all hardeners will yellow eventually sitting on a shelf. So, when we ship our product to our customers, we want the shelf-life clock to be near 0 days when you receive it.

We understand you, as the customer, have a choice of manufacturer. We strive to make not only the best quality product available, but also your customer service experience pleasant and enjoyable.

Cheers and we look forward to working with you all, stay safe my friends.

Resin Research Team.