the 101 files

Basic Application Guidelines


This page contains a series of short articles by our founder Greg Loehr on working with composites,

coatings and other epoxy related projects. His 50 years in composite manufacturing have lead to many basic truths about how to approach different applications and the techniques that may lead to a shorter path to success. We have found that every application and method of manufacture is unique but all have some basic core processes that are not. Therefore, these articles are not meant to give exact information on individual processes. Instead they are meant to give a way forward perhaps reducing or eliminating some stumbling blocks you might find along the way. This hopefully makes your experience using Resin Research products more successful and profitable.  

epoxy 101

Some basic facts about using epoxy. Things like, why epoxy? How are Pot Life and Set Times calculated? What is HDT? And much more. Good things to know.

Cure Schedules

Whether your curing at room temperature in a garage or in an autoclave at 100C it’s nice to have an idea about what to expect. Here are some basic guidelines.

Infusion 101

Infusion, RTM, RTM Lite and other vacuum-assisted process technology can be a tricky option for the inexperienced. Here are some basics that will help lead the way to success.


How about a complete two part video series? This complete instructional series includes everything you’ll need to know about building epoxy surfboards straight from Resin Research founder Greg Loehr.

Elevated Temp Cure

This is a short one page paper on whether you should consider elevated temperature cure (ETC) in your application.