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Surf Pro Epoxy System

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This solution is the latest and greatest. Designed by our very own surfer and board builder (Sammy Barker) based on years of customer feedback. This system can be used for the laminate and hot coat on EPS or PU blanks. On the lam coat, the epoxy solution will soak into the cloth better than the competition due to the low viscosity of the resin. On the hot coat, this epoxy is designed to hit the gel state quick. The gel state allows the board builder to still work the resin, but the resin will not flow off of the rails resulting in less waste.

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+ Very low color and good color stability
+ Excellent chemical resistance
+ High gloss
+ Good resistance to amine blush
+ Low viscosity resin
+ Variable Toughness vs. Modulus

+ High-solids coatings
+ Self-leveling and pebble finish flooring
+ Chemically resistant tank linings
+ Sports equipment