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Discount Epoxy Kits


These discounted kits are the best opportunity for new epoxy artists trying to get into the game at a reasonable price. The product is still great quality, just doesn’t quite meet our clear hardener standards. Experienced board builders can benefit as well if using on a non-white surface. We have tested the product, kicks as required per the spec, and won’t disappoint!


Hardener is slightly yellow and being offered at a massive discount. The hardener has been tested and kicks per the specifications. Applied at 1/16", this is a great cost reduction opportunity and is not noticeable if applied over a non-white surface or if you marry this hardener with CE Ultra Plus Brightener. The resin in this kit will be new production.

When ordering, please remember the following:

  • 2100 Series hardeners use the following resin: 1980 - 2040 (2040 being most flexible)
  • 3100 Series hardeners use the following resin: 2050 - 2090 (2090 being most flexible)



Additional information

Weight30 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in
  • Very low color and good color stability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High gloss
  • Good resistance to amine blush
  • Low viscosity
  • Fast production times
  • High Solids Coatings
  • Self Leveling Flooring
  • Pebble Finish Flooring
  • Chemical Resistant Tank Linings
  • Boat Repair
  • Sports Equipment
  • Fast Production