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Composite Pro Bulk Orders

From $2,135.00

Bulk Shipments contain >= 24 gallons. The order will be shipped on pallets and you must select if you will need a lift gate on the delivery, lift gates will have a rate of $75. For specific product information, visit the TECH DATA TAB under RESOURCES.

Composite Pro Resins

  • 2050 - is used in high modulus carbon, aramid and S and/or E fiberglass applications. It's elongation matches well with all of these fibers.
  • 2070 - Is used in composites which require good stiffness and impact strength. This products elongation matches well with fiberglass, natural fiber and synthetic fabrics.
  • 2090 - is our best for impact loads. It's long elongation in most cases make a composite that will be nearly free of the tendency to crack upon impact. It matches well with E glass, synthetic and natural fiber fabrics.

Composite Pro Hardeners

Composite Pro's three hardeners. While the three resins above control the structural qualities of your finished product these hardeners control your processes, i.e, work time, cycle times, work flow, etc. Easy 3 to 1 Mix Ratio

  • 3100F - Fast hardener with a pot life of 20 minutes and sets in 2 to 3 hours
  • 3100S - Slow hardener with a pot life of 40 minutes and sets in 4-6 hours
  • 3100X - Extra Slow with a 90 minute pot life and sets in approximately 8 to 12 hours.

Additional information

Lift Gate Required

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  • Very low color and good color stability • Good chemical resistance
  • High gloss
  • Easy wet out of difficult fabrics
  • Low viscosity
  • Variable toughness vs. high modulus
  • Easy 3 to 1 Mix Ratio
  • High-solids coatings
  • Infusion, RTM, fabric intensive layups• Chemically resistant coatings
  • Casting and Potting
  • Electronic Encapsulation