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  • Additive F
    • This innovation was the first sanding additive for epoxy resins which brought easy sanding and quality finishing to numerous composite products formerly only accomplished with much difficulty.  This later version proved to completely eliminate blush, eliminating sanding and/or solvent washing prior to recoating. Liquid.
  • Slip Grip
    • A non skid powder that can be sprinkled on wet resin or mixed into resin prior to pouring to produce a rough surface. Interestingly this was once used on Micheal Jacksons stages to produce the perfect dance surface. Also used for Windsurfer decks and in many architectural surfaces.
  • X-55
    • This liquid cure rate accelerator is generally used to help shorten cycle times in colder climates. Less used today because of faster curing agents, it still does have it's fans.

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