Epoxy Resin, Perfected

40+ years of research & development


If you’re like us, you’ve had your share of nightmare experiences with epoxy resin – from yellowing, to odor, to insane cure times.

When Resin Research began, our founder, Greg Loehr, had had enough and used his expertise in composite manufacturing to make some serious changes to the resin market. 

40 years later we have a product that makes us proud:

  • Crystal clear epoxy resin and hardeners.
  • UV Stable – originally designed for surf boards to stand the test of the Florida and California sun and salt.
  • Low VOC.
  • Wide-range of flexibility and viscosity options.
  • Best brightened epoxy in the business.
  • Formulated and tested in real world applications prior to production. 
  • Small, family-run business with over 40 years of expertise. 

If your business uses resin in production, get in touch for our sample opportunities.