after product use, consider these important safety points:

Washing should be routine practice:

  • Before eating or drinking
  • Before Smoking
  • Before lavatory use
  • After finishing work

Other Safety Considerations:

  1. Skin contact must be avoided by wearing protective gloves.  Resin Research recommends the use of disposable nitrile gloves for most applications.  Contaminated solvents should be especially avoided.  Reusable gloves should be replaced on a daily basis.

2. Protective clothing should be worn when mixing, handling, laminating or sanding.  Contaminated clothing should be thoroughly washed before reuse.

3. Eye protection should be worn if there is a risk of resin, hardener, solvent, or dust entering the eye.  If this should occur flush the eye for 15 minutes holding the eyelid open and seek medical attention.

4. Ensure adequate ventilation in work areas. Respiratory protection should be worn if there is insufficient ventilation. Solvent vapors should not be inhaled as they can cause dizziness, headaches, or lack of consciousness and have long-term health effects.

    5. If skin becomes contaminated then the area should be immediately cleaned using water-based resin or grease removing cleansers (GoJo, Fast Orange, etc.). Use of solvents to remove resin etc. from skin must be avoided. 

      6. The inhalation of sanding dust should be avoided and any dust that settles on skin needs to be removed by washing at the completion of work. Showering, including hair wash is always advised after work completion.

        Resin Research provides a full separate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for all hazardous products on the SDS page on this site.  Please read and be familiar with suggested safety precautions before use of these products.