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Product Overview
Resin Research
Cure Schedules

The Resin Research Epoxy Systems can be used effectively with simple room temperature cure or as an elevated temperature system providing for very high quality, structurally superior composites. Elevated cure cycles give this system higher Tg and HDT through higher crosslink density. Superior to room temperature systems they also give the best toughness to modulus ratios.

These systems are based on very new epoxy/cycloalaphatic resin/hardener technology which gives better adhesion and interlaminate wetting characteristics within the fabric fiber bundles. This provides for the manufacture of high strength to weight composites with superior heat resistance, excellent fatigue and toughness properties and moisture exclusion effectiveness. Through this chemistry and the effective technique of post curing, the ability of composites to withstand cyclic loading in harsh environments is enhanced.

Because of the nature of this system, the processing of the Resin Research Epoxy materials matrix allows for broad range of techniques. The three resins and three hardeners allow for numerous qualities to be obtained through materials selection. This allows for all processes including wet lay up, contact molding, vacuum bagging, infusion, etc. to be fine tuned to exacting standards.

Typical elevated cure schedules for Resin Research Systems


Initial Cure

Post Cure

2050/3100F3 hrs. @ 72F4 hrs @ 110F or 2 hrs @ 180
2050/3100S6 hrs @ 72F6 hrs @ 110F or 2 hrs @ 180F
2050/3100X16 hrs@ 80F9 hrs @ 110F or 2 hrs @ 180F
2070/3100F3 hrs @ 72F4 hrs @ 110F or 2 hrs @ 180F
2070/3100S6 Hrs @ 72F

5 hrs @ 110F 0r 2 hrs @ 180F

2070/3100X16 hrs @ 80F8 hrs @ 110F or 2 hrs @ 180F
2090/3100F3 hrs @ 72F3 hrs @ 110F or 2 hrs @ 180F
2090/3100S6 hrs @ 72F4 hrs @ 110F or 2 hrs @ 180F
2090/2100X16 hrs @ 80F7 hrs @ 110F or 2 hrs @ 180F