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Product Overview

Additives and Modifiers

Our epoxy systems are broad in application but to increase their usefulness we offer a unique range of additives and modifiers. Some of these like the colloidal silica and micro balloons are common to the epoxy industry. We however do have additives that are unique to our system that enable even broader application parameters.

Additive F

 A flow agent/ surfacing agent/ wetting agent unique to the epoxy industry. Invented in 2001 this individual chemical compound has shown itself to be revolutionary in the production of many products. It’s primary function is as a surfacing/sanding agent which gives excellent flow characteristics by reducing surface tension. The same forces that act as a surfacing agent also seal the surface raising barcol hardness. This improves the sanding characteristics of the composites allowing for finer finishing, something epoxy fabricators have always struggled with. Additive F has also found use as a wetting agent/viscosity reducer in fabric intensive hand lay up. Unlike other wetting and surfacing agents Additive F also enhances bond between epoxy coats by eliminating blush chemically. Blush in epoxy coatings is the primary reason for recoating difficulties in the past and required physical removal (usually sanding) before recoating could be attempted. Additive F eliminates this step.

X-55 Accelerator

Invented in the mid 80’s X-55 is primarily used in fill coats to shorten pot life and set times. This shortens production time and reduces curtains and draining. Used with moderate heat (100-110F) and in combination with 2000/2100F fill coats can be ready to sand in 1 hour. X-55 is used at 3% per mixed total or less.