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Resin Research - A Legacy of Innovation

Resin Research’s legacy in composite innovation dates back to the creation of the first fully functional UV stable epoxy technology and the first commercial cycloaliphatic curing agents sold in the US composite market in 1981. The advancement of epoxy curing agents to cycloaliphatics provided lower toxicity, excellent resistance to blush, better clarity, better UV stability and lower vapor pressure.  Todays advanced cycloaliphatic based epoxy systems are widely recognized as the Rolls Royce of epoxy systems.

A later Resin Research innovation was the first sanding additive (Additive F) which brought easy sanding and quality finishing to numerous composite products formerly only accomplished with much difficulty.  A later version proved to completely eliminate blush eliminating sanding and/or solvent washing prior to recoating.

Another perhaps an even larger innovation came in the late 1990’s with the development of our our groundbreaking multi modulus resin system, the Project 21 System, the first of it’s kind in the epoxy industry. This medium viscosity, hand layup system provides manufacturers with unique products which allow dynamic new advanced composite products by matching resin elongation with that of different composite fabrics. This breakthrough allows manufacturers to maximize the qualities of these advanced materials with a simple, effective methodology.   

Then in the late 90’s Resin Research developed the first low viscosity infusion resin system featuring cycloaliphatic curing agents, the Composite Pro System.  Like our Project 21 System this easy to use, low viscosity system is also the only infusion resin system on the market which includes the option of a multi modulus system offering composite engineers an optimum resin menu for the first time.  

Next in 2008 we introduced Kwik Kick a fast curing, high molecular weight system which changes the view of epoxy resins both as a production material and also in terms of high strength.  It’s high strength aspect comes from a unique high molecular weight chemistry which allows stiffer parts without the brittle aspect many higher modulus epoxies suffer from.  The result is stiffer, stronger products which also resist damage through increased toughness. 

Finally in 2013 Resin Research initiated a program to address the needs of sustainable manufacturing.  It is our view that creating more sustainable products must be achieved without any negative aspects in the strength, stability, ease of use or cost of the product.  Our new technology is based on a complete remake of the epoxy building blocks themselves.  This remake takes these basic building blocks and uses a newly discovered bio waste stream to build the exact same epoxide that is built from traditional pumped chemicals.  This achieves a bio content in all our resin product of 38 to 48% 

Originally based in water sports and marine, Resin Research has used these groundbreaking advancements to offer industry new materials, methods and manufacturing procedures with simple effective products which maximize strength characteristics in a single straight forward system. Today, with two manufacturing locations adjacent to both the eastern and western US, along with a distribution network throughout the US, Canada and 15 countries worldwide, Resin Research provides customers with the epoxy materials they need, when and where they need them.

Our years in business has shown us is that with the combination of advanced technology and effective processing the creation of dynamically advanced composite products is the likely outcome.  Today, we continue to set the pace for advanced composites with innovative solutions that incorporate our broad epoxy resin systems to manufacturers with advanced building techniques.  We help make your composite products stronger, longer-lasting, more UV resistant, brighter, more stable, easier to work with and safer for employees and the environment.  All this in a broad ranging product line that offers more options than any other. Whatever your composite need, we have the resin system and the industry expertise to meet your application requirements.


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