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Product Overview
Specialty Resins
Resin Research Project 21 System
Medium Viscosity Systems

This base resin system was originally developed for lightweight hand lay up composite systems. It’s unique four way flex controlled resin ensemble gives the engineer more latitude in developing production systems than any other resin system available today.

The balance of excellent color, UV stability, varying hardener speeds, easy mix ratios, extremely low vapor pressure, excellent chemical adhesion and high gloss finish make this resin system easy to use and an effective production contributor to everyone from the small craftsman to large scale producers.

Newly available in all of our formulations is our CE package.  The CE package contains an optical brightner and a UV stablizer.  The optical brightner gives the resin a slight blue color and makes products appear whiter.  The UV absorber is a shield which blocks damaging UV rays from your substrate.  Many wood products, foam products and even paints are UV sensitive and our CE package will significantly postpone damage to these coated surfaces.

Very safe to use, the resin system also comes with additives and modifiers to produce a myriad of high quality products.


Color (Gardener)

Viscosity mixed 

cps @ 25C 

Typical Applications



1000 - 1500

High modulus resin for high performance composites including S glass, carbon fiber and Kevlar. It’s very stiff nature give high physicals in performance demanding products.



900 - 1400

Our standard all purpose system. More flexible than 1980. Best for use with most fiberglass hand lay up systems. Also used in flooring, adhesives, coatings, vacuum bagging, decoupage, casting, and electronic encapsulation.



800 -1300

Flexible resin system. For use where flexibility and toughness are required. Also good in conjunction with synthetic fabrics, Xynole, Dynel, Etc. Also used in flooring, casting, coatings, electronic encapsulation, vacuum bagging and concrete primers.



700 - 1200

Very Flexible system. Used for flexible composites and for bonding to difficult substrates. Good for metal bonding. Excellent penetration and bond for porous substrates. Concrete primer. Also excellent for casting, electronic encapsulation and coating. Used where high impact loads are issue.

Specialty Hardeners
Resin Research Project 21 System
Medium Viscosity Systems

Each system incorporates four resins and four curing agents to make it the one system that can be used for all composites and coatings. All the components are interchangeable so changing from a high modulus resin to a more flexible resin is as easy as picking up a different bottle. Likewise the hardeners are all 2 to 1 mix ratio with all four resins and with four different hardener speeds almost any job can be finished with working ease.
This system has the best balance of color, U.V. stability* and high gloss in a high strength, high modulus (when used with 1980 & 2000resins ) or flexible ( when used with 2020 & 2040 resins) system of epoxies. These features provide clear, blush free, high strength composites. In composites its low viscosity provides easy and complete wet out and excellent adhesion of fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar fabrics. The excellent UV characteristics, high gloss and chemical adhesion qualities make this system excellent for numerous other industries including architectural, flooring, coatings, decoupage and repair.

When working with wood its low viscosity gives excellent penetration and bonding properties, while providing an excellent moisture vapor barrier. This excellent bonding properties also extend to concrete and metals. Low vapor, easy sandability, simple mix ratio, low exotherm and four hardener speeds make this system a pleasure to work with.



Mix Ratio

Pot Life

Set Time

Typical Cure




















20 min. 

2 hrs 

room temp 





50 min. 

5 hrs. 

room temp 





200 min. 

16 hrs. 

room temp 


 *Note: 2100XF has been replaced by Kwik Kick.  Please refer to the Kwik Kick page for info.